5 Tips for Teaching Your Child to Share

If your child has difficulty sharing his belongings items with other kids, do not feel too bad. Many little kids struggle to share their items with others. However, if you plan on enrolling your little one in preschool soon, it is a good idea to help him become more generous. Here are five helpful tips for teaching your child to share:

Set a Good Example

Whether you like it or not, your child likely emulates things you do. If you want your child to share more, it is important to model generosity. For example, when you are eating dinner with your family, share part of your meal with your spouse. If your child sees you sharing, he will be more inspired to share his things.

Organize Play Dates

Give your child more opportunities to share by organizing regular play dates. If your child plays with other kids in the neighborhood, he will have a chance to share his toys. Before the other kids come to your house, tell your child how nice it would be if he let the other kids play with his toys.

Don't Punish Your Child

If your child is a little hesitant to share his belongings at first, avoid punishing him. If you threaten to take his toys away or give him a timeout, your child may feel resentful. Just be patient with your little one and realize that it might take a little time for him to share.

Explain That Sharing Isn't Permanent

Some children have a hard time sharing because they think they are giving away their toys permanently. It is important to explain to your child that sharing is only temporary and that he will get his toys back soon.

Praise Your Child for Sharing

While you do not have to give your child a candy bar every time he shares his toys, it is a good idea to tell him how proud you are of him. If your little one hears constant praise, he will be motivated to share his toys more often.

Getting your child to share can be a difficult task at first, but it is not impossible. If you follow these helpful tips, you can show your child how to share. If he does not catch on at first, do not get discouraged. Just be patient and keep teaching your child how important it is to share. For more suggestions, visit resources like http://miniapplemontessori.com.