Discover The Concept, Design, And Benefits Of Preschool Outdoor Classrooms

Before you enroll your child in a conventional preschool that consists of an indoor classroom, you might want to consider a more creative approach. With new innovations in child development evolving every day, the concept of education has taken a new turn. Outdoor classrooms have become a new trend in learning, so why not discover what an outdoor classroom involves (and the many benefits it has to offer?) What is the Concept and Design of an Outdoor Classroom? Read More 

Four Good Driving Habits That Will Prolong The Life Of Your Car’s Manual Transmission

Cars with manual transmissions comprise only about four percent of all vehicles sold in the United States, so it is becoming rarer to find American drivers who know how to drive vehicles equipped with them. Even more so, fewer drivers understand how to operate a manual transmission in such a way to protect its components from premature wear and damage, especially those who only have their driving permits. Below are four things that all drivers of cars with manual transmissions should do routinely. Read More 

5 Questions For Deciding Between An Associate Of Business Information And A Bachelor Of Computer Information System

When you decide to go to school to study business information, you may have to decide between a two-year degree in business information and a more in-depth degree in a specialty area such as computer information system. The following questions will help you make a more informed decision about which degree to pursue.  How Much Time Can You Dedicate to Your Degree? If you do not currently have many adult responsibilities such as a mortgage, children, a spouse, and debt, then you may be free to dedicate four years to earning a degree. Read More 

It’s Never Too Late: Tips For Supporting The Adult Literacy Student In Your Life

If one of your loved ones never learned to read as a child, they're not alone. Approximately 44 million adults aren't able to read a bedtime story to their children. While this statistic is sad by itself, other statistics are even more depressing. 43% of adults with the lowest literacy skills live in poverty, and 72% of their children are likely to suffer from low literacy as well.  Fortunately, the good news is that it's never too late to improve literacy skills. Read More 

5 Reasons Why Play Should Be an Important Part of Your Child’s Preschool Experience

Recent preschool trends have focused primarily on academic performance, with many parents as well as teachers believing that play is a superfluous activity that should take a back seat to academics. However, play is actually an integral component of childhood development. Following are five reasons why play should be a regular part of your child's preschool experience.  1. Play Helps Children Learn Problem-Solving Skills  Interaction with other children in supervised play settings helps them develop important negotiation and problem-solving skills. Read More